If you deal in cars, deliver cars, manage cars or simply help others to ensure their vehicles look their best, SSR is for you.

Vehicle Logistics

  • Car Dealers, Car Auctions & Car Supermarkets
  • Lease, Rental and Fleet Management Companies
  • DeFleet Companies
  • Smart Repair & Preparation Companies
  • Body Shops
  • Valet & Handwash Companies
  • New business start up

In fact SSR offers a great opportunity to anyone in the auto trade or indeed someone who wants to start their own business.

Its beauty is the speed of application and the fact that there is no need to colour match (its all done by the eye).

As an end user it's great because a repair can be completed in minutes rather than hours, which means you can turn vehicles around very very quickly.

As a vehicle owner or dealer manager its great because you don't need to lose your car for the day, in fact you could probably have it all done and dusted in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee.

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