How SSR work ?

First we must prepare the repair area

Applying the Paint

Applying the Polish SSR Activator

Cleaning Up

All this in just a matter of minutes !

SSR is most certainly the quickest and easiest system you will ever see or use. If you can operate a buffing machine you can make money with the SSR system.

Your car is now restored and looks brand-new!

No paint mixing

SSR® is supplied in either 30,50, 140 premixed colour systems, this may not sound a lot but believe us these systems will cover 99% of the colours you come across every day

For example SSR® Black will work with any black, any dark red, any dark blue or even any dark green.

Just imagine how much time you have already saved!

No spraying

We all know the problems with spraying in a SMART repair environment without a spray booth.

For the sake of a few small scratches on a wing or door the complete panel has to be refinished and in some cases depending on the colour, blending will have to be done.

No health & safety issues

Health & Safety, not to mention the environment is becoming a bigger and bigger issue for the refinish industry including SMART repair. Current legislation states that SMART repair must be carried out using water base materials within a 5 meter exclusion zone using a portable or fixed extraction system.

As SSR® produces zero release of VOC and virtually zero smell it can even be used within a car show room without any health hazards normally associated with paint repair.