SSR® offers a great opportunity to anyone in the auto trade or anyone who would like to start their own business.

The main benefits of SSR® are the ease of use and speed application. Another major benefit is the fact there is no need for an exact colour match (it is all done by the eye). No more looking for paint codes, no more paint mixing. With SSR® :

› Reduce the cost of repairs and increase the sale value of your cars

› Increase bottom line profits

› Add additional profit centres

› New business opportunity

If we consider scratches and chips to a single pane l:

SSR® is quick!

SSR® is allow you to repair a totally peppered bonnet in around 20 minutes, individual scratches in 2 to 10 minutes and complete cars with scratches on every panel over an hour.

SSR® is easy!

No previous experience is required, no specialist tools needed, with a few hours training, somebody with no bodyshop experience could be completing their first SSR® repair. No matter what you know or don’t know about paint, with SSR® you can start immediately and improve yourself very quickly.


Aucune expérience n’est exigée, aucun outil de spécialiste n'est requis ! Avec quelques heures de formation et de pratique, vous serez compétent dans la réparation de rayures et de griffures.

SSR® is guaranteed!

SSR® repairs are guaranted not to wash off, even with a power washer.

Temps habituelCoût habituel
Procédé SSR®10-15 minutes50€
Retouche de peinture au pistolet2-3 heures120€
Atelier de carrosserie1-2 jours300€